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Children Singing in Hell

by Akrasis

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A Good Spy 00:53
an altruistic conspiracy/ an affirmation of nonsense/ we are what we pretend to be/ im pretending to want to talk about kurt vonnegut/ phonic tyranny over retching vomit/ even a formless turd can form words/ sentences, paragraphs, essay-length/ apa, mla/ brain’s plasticity defines you like a hairstyle/ mostly ephemeral/ im a fine-tuned dosage of demerol/ these pills will let you live again/ puppy mills behind my eye sockets/ we quit trying, so why knock it?
Vessel for depression with lessons to learn yet/ stressed the wrong syllable somewhere along the line/ didn't internalize the shame of mispronouncing an acquaintances last name/ announcing trysts to some non-existent therapist/ ashamed of being so vain until the ego perishes/ is it silent treatment or is your reception spotty/ are my only weaknesses the whims of a decrepit body?/ but what else am i but a few fucking worthless hobbies?
(Offsite) no not lifeless/ im the hand stroking the wall seeking out the light-switch/ while every other inch/ of tight skin/ is devoted to making you cum a thousand times/ i need this more than anything/ but not with the lights on/ how to disappear completely/ how to list your fears concretely/ how to ignore some people and restore others/ in the same smiling breath/ bereft of intention/ abjected/ cuz I forgot how to lodge an objection i guess capitalism hijacked my imagination/ whats left is us drowning- uncomplainin- in an ocean of bitter patience/ the idea that loneliness can be eliminated is parasitic/ fascist/ theres no art without loneliness/ now im in walmart with a phony list/ now my car starts with a groaning hiss/ and im off to the races/ theres some other shit on the itinerary that seems impolite to mention/ but the road to hell is paved
shits overplayed that welcome’s overstayed/ the celebrations over but im really not sober/ splitting heads over split hairs/ splitting hairs over split heads/ the argument is dead/ and this attempt to revive is morbid/ complements make me feel posthumously awarded/ blasé ceremony’s full of phoned in echo chamber type/ like two dogs conjoined at the cone collars: congratulations on the successful castration/ the silence is lacerating/ the white noise is fascinating/ im imprisoned in my wisdom/ whats the difference between a grin and a smile?/ original sin picked up second hand, take it off the shelf every once in a while/ shaking hands with brass knuckles/ not a contradiction: a complication/ growth in the wasteland/ not science fiction it’s the situation/ so im drinking malt liquor feeling like an occult witch finger pricker/ ive got a well laid plan/ I breath out whistling sand/
Unnervous 02:25
write raps on wet naps creativity can’t be contained/ or rather, desperation can’t be tamed/ the bloodstains that mark where I sat before I/ stepped towards fate/ will last longer than the shocked look on your face/ sully the carpet/ mind is a starship/ named icarus trying to find the truth of a dying sun/ fly so close but its too cold to roast/ no lesson about hubris to confess to my folks/ /// this is for my friends who are punished far too harshly/ and these problems are intractable/ like a dying animal/ on a conveyor belt headed to a crater in the moon/
live one day at a time and then die all at once/ its hard to get used to never changing/ never become disabused of clever phrasing/ alienation is knowing that time well spent is time wasted/ put our heads together and end up with big welts/ go tend to our wounds separately/ time gets old/ think about bird feathers poetically/ the quill runs the inkwell dry/ renewable resources under the falling sky/ tears spill from puffy eyes like water overflows from a careless pour/ hapless, trapped in a metaphor/ grassfed, free-range/ half-dead, pee stains/ on the toilet bowl/ is there a story behind that yellow splotch?/ pretty much, life is what gets run over by our racing thoughts/ roadkill, sloppily erased nature/ american malaise, the world drowned by a melting star-spangled glacier the coincidence of insanity and art/ im a mannequin in your amazon shopping cart/ vanity imparts instructions we try in vain to follow/ i feel pain when i swallow, keeps me up past minerva’s owl
empathy is entropy/ bury resentful sentiments in our collective lethargy/ too immature to handle love or emerging love handles/ fill the suburban china cabinets with decorative empty urns/ that’s where we hide our emptiness: in plain sight/ fictional turban clad arabs incinerate picturesque off-white/ ideologues that clog the blogosphere/ when i feel down i use my imagination/ and my imagination uses me up/ life is something i remember more than something i live/ a bright future is one soaked in nostalgia/ love tore us apart/ indifference brings us together/ this average life span of 70some novembers/ where did this year go?/ and the past few too?/ gentle people end up alone/ selectively removed/ from the rest till they can’t pose a threat despite their copious diary entries exposing this unaddressed regret/ aimlessness manifests as an unswerving march towards death/
I'm howling/ up close it sounds ugly/ from far a way you may mistake it for a cry of longing/ Nietzsche writes of the pathos of distance/ the futures starving kids looking for armies to enlist in/right now its different/ despair is the future and the present's collision/ wait, no it isnt/ I had another rhyme in mind but I forgot it/ Flightless biped dragging these useless long wings/ then I hear the birds sing and remember that there are worse things/ sometimes I feel like a basket of outmoded evolutionary artifacts/ tasked with mourning the death of nature at human hands/ robocops come arrest my still beating cardiac/ drinking too much sometimes but this isn't party rap/this is hardly rap/ I wrote this on my iphone sitting on a bar stool wearing a dunce cap/ dead eyed lap dogs lapping blood out their owners skulls and not looking back/ turning back into an animal/ innocent insofar as I'm dehumanized/ the fact that I can't say this shit looking straight into your eyes makes me think it might be a pack of stupid lies/
Slowdowner 02:20
a long car ride where you forget about the destination/ the future becomes vacant/ the present is an eraser the past is the prose the future is the blank tablet that’s exposed/ theres nothing hiding under my nose / inside the stove/ abundance of suburban suicide methods keeps me on my toes/ oh i’ve analyzed the data and I think the fucking data is made up/ laid up in this hospital/ the staff is nice but the bureaucracy is insane/ wound’s worsening and the documents don’t say the right name/ could complain/ but sedatives would follow/ in the form of averted gazes chocolate covered raisins and the smothered screams of friends who even in life I knew better in dreams//a long car ride where you forget about the destination/ conquer zeno’s paradox through forgetfulness/ forgetfulness imperialistically destroying history/ paradoxes drawn in the sand and massaged away by the tide/ im in paradise with a pair of dice/ chance bestowed my fate with a sigh/ snake eyes peer back at me/ oh so emptily/ trying to learn to love when there’s nothing at stake/ sky/ limits change as the horizon line inches forward/ I get to chose the rate/ driving so fast spewing greenhouse gas that will deliver me to heaven’s gates
got a picture of you in a brass locket/ stashed in my back pocket/ would rock it round my neck but hiding seems more sincere/ dying is a veneer/ sighing between sips of mountain dew/ tired with/ this green screen environment/ halo like a red ring of death/ hangs overhead/ angelic and out of commission/ in the suburbs/ insect repellants a form of religion/ im butthurt…im just really butthurt/ suns dying but I can still roast hamburgers/ I have undiagnosed aspergers/ at the last supper with tupper ware cuz i don’t fuckin care swear off following superstitions just to come crawling back with a hollow admission of loneliness/ im foaming at the mouth like your favorite coffee drink/ not a person, just the shadow of something worse/ so many shadows converge until they seem substantial/ a feeling’s only real if its reproducible/ i’m irreducibly reducible/ a glass ceiling lies flat across this crucible
And We Out 02:08


13 new tracks created over the past 2 years.
Cassette release forthcoming.

Beats/Trumpet: Mark Mckee
Raps/Guitar: Max Bowen


released May 6, 2016

Special thanks to Matt Gunby for mastering the project, Offsite for rapping on "Good Intentions", Alex Kollman for making the cover art and singing the hook on Hysterical Blindness, and Rory Ferriera for guidance and featuring "Good Intentions" in his Impose magazine mix.


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formed in wisconsin in 2013.

max bowen- raps/guitar

mark mckee-

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